Heritage Clothing Aappeal

The Tanfield Railway needs clothing to a style of that between the years of 1910 to 1950 for our staff. If you or someone you know, want to get rid of some old clothing the railway would welcome donations.

We are looking for the following, preferably of cotton based material and in any size:

    • Smart long sleeved men's shirts (collared / collarless / wing collared / curved collared)
    • Dark coloured trousers
    • Waistcoats
    • Smart suit jackets / tweed jackets
    • Flat caps / bowler hats
    • Black donkey jackets
    • Locomotive Firing jackets

If you would like to donate, please bring clothing boxed, wrapped or bagged to Marley hill engine shed or Andrews House shop between 9am - 4pm on a Sunday only.