Tanfield Railway Trust

The Trust is a Limited Company (no.03232794) & a Registered Charity (no.1072449).  It changed only its name from the Tyneside Locomotive Museum Trust in 2019, to better reflect its core position in the Tanfield Railway.  The Trust owns much of the land used by the Railway, and some of the locos & rolling stock.  It is the governing body and works in conjunction with the operating company.

The aims of the Trust are the advancement of education by acquiring, housing, exhibiting, conserving, restoring and repairing objects and items relating to Industrial and Minor Railways of the North East.  This includes, locomotives, carriages, waggons and other items of interest, including vintage workshop items, maps and plans, and to promote the local locomotive builders.   Minor and Industrial railways include the Ashington Coal Co., South Shields and Marsden, Backworth Collieries, North Sunderland, etc.   Locomotive builders include Hawthorn Leslie, Robert Stephenson, Black Hawthorn, Armstrong Whitworth, Robert Stephenson and Hawthorns and NER Gateshead works.

The Trust aims to promote a heritage theme to our visitors and to provide an alternative to many main line preservation schemes.   To this end our trains use the style of carriages with which colliery lines ran passenger services, for example Ashington Coal, South Shields and Marsden Railways, using mainly ex main line carriages adapted for their own use.   We present trains in the period 1920 to 1950.   The Trust loans/hires items to Tanfield Railway in order to run passenger and goods trains to provide the whole image of the 'Railway'.

To contact us, please email trust@tanfield-railway.co.uk